Pushing through Guilt


This one is tricky.

The wrestling with this one originates with the mother and the womb: Did I not eat healthy enough? Did something happen that day I slipped on the ice and fell on my pregnant belly? And the questions persist right up to this very minute. We won’t belabor the questions; we all know know how they echo in our heads. How do we stop the incessant clanging?

Let’s be honest… a lot of crying prayer on this one.

We’re still working on it. It’s a process. We imagine there are different answers for all of us, but if you can borrow anything useful from us, we’re willing to share this very short list:

  • Researching and recognizing the physical aspects of mental illness in the brain and evaluating the prevalence in our own family history.
  • Repeating the mantra: It is what it is or This is what we have and working really hard to accept that.
  • Remembering the kindest, most healing words spoken to us by a counselor, and reminding ourselves: We’re doing the best we can do.

Please, if you have any greater insight or cures, contact us.