The purpose and hope of The Braveheart Connection, LLC (a barely for profit organization) is to offer support and encouragement to parents with children who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, major depression (also called major depressive disorder), or borderline personality disorder.

Based on our experiences and research, we share resources and provide help for what can be a long, lonely, and challenging road. Parents need resources, education, support, and connection. The Braveheart Connection endeavors to foster love, share information, and provide hope and encouragement.

Disclaimer from the Founder and Mother:

My name is Kimberly, and I am a mom. I am not a doctor, a nurse, a psychologist, or a social worker. There are no titles or letters that follow my name, although I do have a certain degree of expertise in letters like: ER, Triple A, TMI, Hot Tea, OTC, RX pick-up, and PB&J. I love being a mom. I love my children with all my heart. I love all children— and that’s why I’m sharing. We’ve learned to parent through pain as we’ve been loving and raising our kids. We are sharing some of what our family has learned with the hope that some of our experiences can help someone else on the journey.

Nothing presented by The Braveheart Connection is intended to be or to replace medical or psychiatric care, which is, in fact, critical and advisable for health and healing. Please consult with a professional regarding anything written here, if needed.