We​lcome to The Braveheart Connection.

If your child has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, major depression (also called major depressive disorder), or borderline personality disorder, our hearts go out to you. We know the pain and heartache these conditions can bring to a family; we’re walking on this path, too.

These are disorders of pain. Our children hurt. We hurt. We must touch the hurting hearts of our children, and also attempt to strengthen and comfort ourselves. Many books and resources exist, yet not all of them speak the language that tends to hurting hearts. Beyond resources and information, our experiences have revealed we need even more. The Braveheart Connection wishes to encourage you and restore a sense of hope.

How we connect:

The Heart of the Braveheart

* Remember your child is in pain.

It is heartbreaking to see our children hurt. And although their behaviors can be unusual or dark or confusing, if we can remember that our babies are in pain, then we can respond with compassion and patience.

* Pour into the relationship.

Our relationships with our children are vital. It is essential to work at maintaining, possibly mending, and continually building up our relationships with our children if we seek a future of warmth and health and intimacy.

* Pour out love.

Lovelovelove. Our children need to know that they are loved unconditionally. Let your love flow over them, seeping into every cell and fiber of their being, at all times. Hope and healing begin here.

* Hold on to hope. It’s the only way.

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